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Career Counselor for Engineers PHP Project:

  • Career Counselor for Engineers PHP Project Source Code & Database
  • This website based on HTML, CSS, and PHP and I'm mentioning my project synopsis below. 
  • This project is called Career Counselor for Engineers System where a student can easily find a tutor and others.

·Student Side Features: 

  • He should give all his details like Name, Email, Phone Number area and pin code at the time of sign up.
  • After the LogIn student must have the option to post his need of Tutor. In that he needs to give his class, subjects need to be taught. This should be controlled by the student. When he gets the tutor he can delete his need of a tutor in the site.
  • Based on the details filled by a student, a tutor can find the student.
  • In the home page of the student, he should be able to find the tutor based on the pin code, location through filter(just as online shopping filters) so that student can get the information and contact details of the tutors who are available nearby him and the tutor rating which is given by the student in the feedback.
  • The student should feedback the tutor (Tutor feedback HTML file is attached with the mail).

·Tutor Side Features:

  • He should give all his details like Name, profile picture, Email, Phone Number, age, subjects he can teach, qualification, area and pin code at the time of sign up.
  • Tutor profile should also have the filters as in students profile to find the student. So that the tutor can get student details how to require the tutor.
  • After login in the main profile page should consist of all the details (students/tutor) to the Left side of the page and to the right there must be filters.

·Project Database details:

  • Database Name: tutor_student_portal
  • Table 1: class_name
  • Where class_name includes id, class_name
  • Table 2: countlikes
  • Where countlikes table includes uname,  fromid, countoflikes
  • Table 3: feedback
  • Where feedback table includes id, Overall_Rating, Teaching, Clearing_Doubts
  • Table 4: image 
  • Where image table includes id, path, useremail, relationship.
  • Table 5: registration
  • Where Registration table includes id, fname, lname, email, age,  gender, profile_pic, subject_tech, qualification,  pin_code, password, cpassword,
     mobile, user, address, status.
  • Table 6: subject
  • Where Subject table includes id, subject_name
  • Table 7:  ulikes
  • Where ulikes table consists of imagepath, fromid, uname, status
  • Table 8: video_uploaded_by
  • Where Subject table includes id, video_location, video_name, student_select_sub,   class_name,   text_msg, lect_email.



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