Seminar Hall or Function Hall Booking System PHP Project

Seminar Hall or Function Hall Booking System PHP Project Source Code & MySQL Database with Screens

The main aim of developing this seminar hall or function hall booking system project is to provide online seminar hall booking platform to the students in their colleges or schools or universities.

In this PHP web application, we have not used any college Logo on the top of the application, this is easy and free to edit for your reference purpose for gaining basic knowledge on PHP project developments.

This web application mainly developed for the college and should contain 6 seminar halls.

Here the users are administrator and user or student. where admin can able to add or delete new seminar halls or existing halls where all the users or students can able to browse all the functionalities after the admin's approval.

The home page of the system shows the available seminar halls details on particular dates, after users book the venue then all the details can be visible on the screen that the seminar hall name, number, date, time, etc

This function hall booking project developed with PHP and MySQL database.

Anyone can download it and free to edit header & footer according to users requirements.

Database Details Below:

Database Name: hollticketbooking

Database Tables: 

1) add_holl

Need to insert the below fields to add_ Holl table

  • id
  • college_name
  • holl_name
  • to_date
  • from_date
  • created_date

2) holl_booking

Need to insert the below fields to holl_booking table

  • id
  • college_name
  • hall_name
  • booking_date
  • email

3) registration

Need to insert the below fields to the registration table 

  • id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • password
  • email
  • mobile_number
  • office_number
  • gender
  • dob
  • dep_name
  • design_name
  • image_path
  • status

Thanks for downloading this project.

Sending project backup of seminar Hall Booking. I made this project based on Static/ Simple coding which is easily understandable.

In this project, there is No COllege image if you want to Add Image just Change the Name of Image. Also, name of The college. There already all those are Just You need to add according to your requirement.


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