Bidding system with Multi brand and Product Selection

Bidding system with Multi brand and Product Selection .Net Project Source Code, Database and Full Project Report Documentation, PPT

The Bidding system with Multi brand & Product Selection application proposed to be implemented for bidding products should implement the services for four types of users like Administrators, Agents, Client and Normal Users. The services that this system should support for these users are summarized below:

This system should provide the administrator with the convenience such as adding a new agent, view and manage the information about the products, view the following reports by day-wise, weekly, or monthly:

  • View all category information
  • View all sub category wise products
  • integer of products Add by a particular Client
  • quantity of products filed by a particular agent
  • add up to of auctions approved from a particular product
  • Agent information
  • Number of clients participating the products bidding
  • Over all client information’s
  • Products bidding information

The Bidding system with Multi brand & Product Selection system should help the agents and Clients, clients by providing the details online and provides a facility to search the particular product records based on various options. The agents, clients, Users should be able to post the feed back to the admin.

The agent should be able to generate the following reports:

  • Number of products should be purchased with details
  • New Products bidding details
  • Number of clients should be participate the actions
  • Number of users like to share the request
  • Product wise reports, bidding amounts  and customer details

Note that all these services should be available to the administrator also.

This system should include support for the users to view there different products actions directly, view the information catalog and search facility for all available products and action dates exportable in PDF format. Previous actions details also providing by the users for viewing purpose. The first action amount ending amount based on the new action will be generated by the system. View the catalog and contact information about agents of a particular regions. The customers should get report on the products.

Note that all these services should be available to the customers after successful login.

The normal user (i.e. unregistered user) should be able to view the catalog and contact information about agents of a particular region. Send request to the company for the product details and product action details.

Non-Functional Requirements:

  • Secure access of confidential data (user’s details). SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) can be used.
  • 24 X 7 availability
  • Better component design to get better performance at peak time
  • Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension

Existing System:

The existing system is manual and the manual system works in the following way:

  • Whenever company wants to sales the products then the agent of that company will be appointed. The agent has to approach clients or users (customers) directly approach by the agent and collect all the details and appropriate verification has to be taken manually.
  • The action Form, which is filled by the customer, is done manually that is received by the admin and hand it over to the company. If any problem with the registration then again agent has to pass the information to the customer.  If any mistakes have done in the registration form then another new form is issued to the customer to fill correctly.
  • If any personal details related to the customer have been changed then the details has to be submitted to the company.
  • With the invention of E-commerce technologies over the Internet the opportunity to bid from the comfort of one’s own home has seen a change like never seen before. 
  • Whenever company wants to provide actions in that time companies intimate the customers. In this process taken by more time.
  • The previous biding information’s are taken by the client manually.
  • It generate bidding reports take a more time.
  • In some times products are not available in the bidder.
  • Within a company the interactions between administrator, buyer and client have been done manually.

Till now most companies has adopted the above manual system that produces lot of problems and at the same time the following disadvantages are there with the above system.

The increasing complexity, producing the reports as desired is not possible, and protracted time-scales of modern systems design and development have made working to a standardized Bidding system with Multi brand & Product Selection both essential and mandatory.

Proposed Systems:

To overcome all the difficulties of the existing system the management has proposed automated the whole system and the development of the new automated system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in view of the database integration approach.

  • It provides complete activity as automated system.
  • It is not limited to a single system because it is aimed to develop for web based environment.
  • User friendliness (Graphical User Interface) is provided in the application.
  • Provide Interactive interface through which a user can interact with different areas of application easily.
  • The system makes the overall task much easier and flexible.
  • It can be accessed over the Internet/Intranet.
  • There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process.
  • Report generation feature is provided using ASP.Net Data Control like Grid View/Data List to generate different kinds of reports easily using this application which is essential requirement now a day in any bidding company.
  • It provides high level of security using window Based Authentication.
  • It provides role based authentication to the different users like Administrator, Agents, Client, and Users.
  • Deploy the application on a single system and make is available on all the systems within the network, thereby reducing the maintenance cost of software.


After looking at the functional requirements it is identified that we can divide the system into mainly following modules:


  • Admin Module
  • Agents Module
  • Client Module
  • User Module
  • Report Module
  • User Authentication & Authorization Module

Admin Module:

Administrator Module is maintains Products details, Category details and also maintains Client reports, Agent Reports, User Reports and Sub category details Reports.

Agent Module:

Agent module can view the previous actions and it’s creating new auctions also its possible. In this module has provide add new category facility.  He chose any auctions of information and its generating new auctions also possible.

Client Module:

Client module can view the all products information and view the particular product previous actions amounts and its participating new auctions also possible. In this module has provide add new category facility.

User Module:

User module can see the information about the Products and add new products categories, viewing present and previous biddings and their works related to products and also maintain their personal details.

Report Module:-

This module contains all the information, the reports generated by the Administrator Etc. This module provides to export data in CSV/XLS/PDF/DOC format for generated reports.

User Authentication & Authorization Module:-

This module contains all the information about the authenticated user. User without his/her username and password can’t enter into the login if he/she is only the authenticated user then he/she can enter to his/her login and he/she can see the all the information related to the project which he/she is developing. This module uses window Based Authentication & Authorization to make security.

Users of the System:

This system should be designed to support the following users:

  • Administrators
  • Agents
  • Client
  • Users.

We hereby declare that the project entitled “Bidding System with Multi Brand & Product Selection” submitted to the Department of Information Technology, Sridevi Women’s Engineering College affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad for partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology is a result of original work carried out by us. This work in original has not been submitted so far in part or full for any other institute or University


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