Developing an Intranet Application for Group Discussion

Developing an Intranet Application for Group Discussion .Net Project Source Code, Database and Project Report


The project titled “intranet application for Group discussion ” is designed using Active Server Pages .NET with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003 as front end and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as backend which works in .Net framework version 1.1. The coding language used is C# .Net.

This project is aimed at developing an online form for the group discussion. This is a web-based tool. Any user can post the doubts topics and can reply for the other user doubts. The user can invite others for Discussion and submit a query. This is useful for a small office, school or a department or for that matter any group who is interested to organize it effectively. Facility to share the resource and post articles that can be viewed by the registered user.

Functional components of the project

Following is a list of functionality of the system. More functionality that you find appropriate can be added to this list. And, in places where the description of functionality is not adequate, you can make appropriate assumptions and proceed.

Users of the system:

Following are the requirements, which can be used to derive functional components:

  1. Users need to register.
  2. Facility to post topics for the discussion.
  3. Facility to view the articles by topics.
  4. The user can view the previous discussion taken place on that day.
  5. Rate the articles.
  6. The administrator has the privilege to edit the user’s profile.

Software Specifications:

The software used for the development of the project is:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2000 Professional

ENVIRONMENT: Visual Studio .NET 2003

.NET FRAMEWORK: Version 1.1


WEB TECHNOLOGY: Active Server Pages.NET

WEB SERVER: Internet Information Server 5.0

REPORTS: Web Form Data Grid control

BACK END: MS-SQL-Server 2000


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