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Daily Needs an advertising web portal .Net Project Source Code and Database

Daily Needs Web application is focused on providing quality service/information which would help fresh graduates, students, homeowners, buyers, sellers and everyone in his/her day to day needs. Daily Needs Web Application aims to build a great community of Indians located across the globe in helping each other live better lives.

In simple words, Daily Needs Web Application is a one-stop site for all your jobs/classified needs. If you are looking for a job, our Job Board will be a very useful piece of information as the jobs are updated by recruiters/companies and us on a day to day basis. If you would like to rent an apartment, buy a home, looking for a tenant, our RRR (Rental, Roommates, Real Estate section will be the ideal choice). If you would like to sell any of the used materials (books, cars. Bikes and more) our, For Sale section will be the place you will find the information. Resumes section contains resumes of fresher, 1-2 year exp, 2-3 and 3+ experienced candidates currently looking for jobs. The resumes section is viewed by companies/recruiters 3-4 times every week and resumes older than 30 days will automatically be deleted. So please be sure to update your resume.

You agree that the use of the Daily Needs Web Application site is completely at your own risk. The Daily Needs Web Application website is on an "As Is" and "As Available" basis without any warranties of any kind. You acknowledge that any of the services or products available through CityNeeds site is provided solely by the manufacturer, owner or advertiser of that product or service and is not by Always Indian. " Daily Needs Web Application makes no warranties of any kind that the website services will meet your requirements or the services will be in a timely manner and secure.

Our focus is to help serve the community in a better & most efficient way. 

Using For Sale Sections / Classifieds:

  • Sellers and Buyers are responsible for working out the transactions/sale on this site. We are in no way responsible for the items listed by the users. Any obscene content reported will be immediately removed from the site.
  • Daily Needs Web Application will in no way be liable for any damages of any kind incurred as a result of the information contained in the Classifieds section or the use of our Classifieds section.
  • Users may not use or manipulate this service provided by city needs for any fraudulent activity or purposes. Services/ things offered for sale must comply with applicable laws.
  • No postings can be allowed for any marketing involved in the enhancement of a different company or service.

The software we are used

Windows XP Service Pack 2
Visual Studio .NET 2005 Framework 2.0
Language C#
SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

Future Scope of Work

  • At present, there is a four-point rating scale to define the complexity of a project. This rating scale can change over a period of time and the proposed system should be able to capture a new rating scale at a future instance.
  • The attribute of Competence currently is defined over a 4 point rating scale. This could also undergo a change in the future.
  • The interfaces will be much more user-friendly and visually appealing.
  • At present, the manner in which the modules are identified and defined is a technical process and beyond the scope of this project.  In future this feature will also be included, so the project manager can able to break down the project easily.
  • Help pages will be much more informative


To create this project I have studied some books related to my requirements. Without these books, I would not able to complete this project.   I would like to refer to those books & websites:

  • Microsoft ASP.Net using C# Microsoft Press
  • Microsoft ASP.Net Step By Step Microsoft Press
  • Professional ASP.Net 2.0 Wrox Publication
  • ASP.Net Official Website

I am really grateful to the writers of these excellent books. They help me to learn a lot. I also want to refer some tutorial CDs of VB.Net, ASP.Net from where I came to know more about this language and its really helped me to develop this project.

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