A Planning and Tracking System Solution

A Planning and Tracking System Solution ASP.Net With C# .Net Project Source Code, Database and Full Project Documentation Report

Planning And Tracking System Solution or Common Tracker system is envisaged to be planning and tracking system for all key result areas parameters upon targeting the role of technical manager and service delivery manager. The intent of the Common Tracker is to build a system that enables planning or forecasting features while reconciling with current actual data.

The A Planning And Tracking System Solution application is a centralized interfacing system to be provided, which have the smart search facility to help out in searching the employees and also provides details of them in the form of reports upon the requirements. Common Tracker extends the concept of tracking further to depict the performance of vertical as a break up of the individual constituents (such as industry practices, individual accounts and the accountable manager).

The idea of Common Tracker is to enable objective, a quantitative and dynamic system where there is a scope of planning and preplanning, periodic tracking and oversight by senior management of the corporate companies like MNC's.



  • The authentication is not provided for all the sections in this application.
  • It has no feature to make use of this application by all the employees.


  • This application can be extended to all the group companies of MNC's.
  • Cross-Platform Facility,

Flexibility to add new operations can also be designed.

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