Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System ASP.Net With C# .Net Project Source Code, Database and Output Screens


The project titled “Real Estate Management System” is designed using Active Server Pages .NET and SQL Server 2000 which runs under .Net FrameWork 2005 in Microsoft Windows Operating System family.

The Real Estate Management System project contains five main modules:

  • Advertise
  • Search
  • Finance
  • Admin
  • Services


Here, the advertising module gives the details about the advertising their property. The property is categorized into two types. They are residential and commercial. Here the residential and commercial property gives the detailed information about the property size, property location, and ownership. uploading their images are

Highlighted in the home page until the property will be sold. This uploaded image makes much easier for the buyer to see their property.


This module serves the purchaser whether they need to buy the property or they need for the rent or they need for the lease. In this, they need to mention the type which specifies the apartment, farmhouse or the factory. Here they need to specify the city, budget. If they specify the apartment number of bedrooms for the apartment is also to be specified.


This module serves the arrangement of the loan for the property. It ensures the EMI calculation, Amortization calculator, loan document, insurance company. In the EMI we need to specify the loan period, and the amount for the period is mentioned.  In the Amortizations calculation, we give the amount for the period is given.


Admin can view the status of the property and also view the inquiry details of the loan which is to be sent to the relevant insurance company through the phone. Here the admin can get the commission from the customer(both buyer and seller) and overall the details about the properties.


This module gives the details about the services provided by the Real Estate Company.

This module contains the company information and the contact details of the company here we can also send our queries to the company.

Output Screens Include:

  • Services Page
  • HOME Page
  • Login Page
  • Search Module Page
  • Login Page
  • Finance Module Page
  • Apply Loan Page
  • EMI Calculation Page
  • Amortization Calculation Page
  • Loan Document Page
  • Finance Companies
  • Login Page Page 
  • Admin Home Page 
  • View Enquiries Page 
  • View Properties Page
  • View Property Status Page
  • Commission Page

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