Online Survey System

Online Survey System .Net Project Source Code and Database


Online Survey is a web-based application developed to facilitate online survey. This Online Survey project is to form a platform to collect the viewpoints of related people about the certain issue using the internet. It can be implemented in any organizations or college for carrying out a survey of any kind. In this system of survey, only the users authenticated by admin. Being online software, it can be logged on from anywhere with internet access. With this Online Survey system, the whole survey process can be conducted secretly by hiding the identities of the people surveyed. The growing use of internet and computers confirms the good scopes of the project.

Existing System:

In the existing Online Survey system, to take any decision in an organization it takes much time. It may not possible to listen to everybody separately and sometimes the viewpoints are required to be kept secret. The manual system of the survey is tedious and time-consuming as well as uneconomical.

Proposed System:

The proposed Online Survey system is easy and comfortable to use. In this software, the answers or viewpoints of the participants are collected using ratio button or checkbox. The system is designed in such a way that it automatically adds the votes to each alternative and after the deadline of survey it displays the result.




Admin will get log in with a valid username and password. Admin can view all the details of the user. Admin can update, edit, delete the details of the user. Admin can view the details of the current survey. Admin can view the details of the survey test. Admin can view the results of the survey test. Admin can view the feedback given by the user


The user should register by entering the details. The user can enter a unique username and password to get access to the application. The user can Give his viewpoint on the application. The user can give his feedback.


Online Survey System Project is an excellent software to conduct an online survey with the minimized economy. The result of the project is accurate and totally error free. 

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